Every little help will be devoted to the ones that have been less lucky than us!

If you are interested, you can support us in any of the following:

  • Help us organising events such as the ETM charity sales, the Dragonboat event, Sports events, Cultural charity events, etc.;
  • Participate to our events and invite your friends and neighbors to come along!
  • Inform us about worth-funding projects or interesting organisations and events!
  • When travelling to a destination where ETM has funded projects, visit the site and let us know about it!
  • If you organise an individual event, you can ask your friends and colleagues to donate to ETM as a gift for you!
  • Collaborate to the maintenance of the ETM web site!
  • Organise charity sport events
  • Ask ETM volunteers to help your charity events and donate to ETM!
  • Any other way you think is useful to support ETM!

Join the ETM Committe or take over a specific task (you can join a working group or a task any time); – help us with regular financial contributions (contact us) or through an extraordinary contribution of any amount. If you prefer, you can donate to a specific project or when natural disasters (earthquakes, floods strikes, etc.) occur.

In case the target quota has already been achieved, your money will be devoted to another project in the same domain; raise awareness among your friends and colleagues about the possibility to donate ETM the contribution to birthday/wedding/maternity/farewell gifts!

Every little help will be devoted to the ones that have been less lucky than us!

Thanks for everything you will do for the ETM microprojects!