Donate to ‘Cartas com Ciência’ (from the Portuguese Semester at the JRC)!

Donate to ‘Cartas com Ciência’ (from the Portuguese Semester at the JRC)!

Spoken by over 250 million people in the world, the Portuguese language can open doors and create opportunities for social development and knowledge sharing.

Designed to enhance the aspirations of Portuguese-speaking students across the world, Cartas com Ciência – which celebrates 1 year today – is an educational letter exchange programme that connects the Portuguese-speaking world through science.

By enabling inspiring scientists to engage with students in Portuguese-speaking countries, Cartas com Ciência fosters individual and one-year-long conversations that allow mitigating barriers and prejudices associated with university studies and scientific careers, while promoting scientific and language literacy.

This project is run by Mariana and Rafael of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) within the activities of the JRC Portuguese semester! Although they have reached amazing results in only 1 YEAR , they still need our support.

You can help them by making a donation through the JRC semester:

                IBAN (BNL ISPRA):
                IT87 G010 0550 3400 0000 0014 603

               Please specify: #Cartas 

This fundraising is open until 1st June.

Cartas com Ciência is a spin-off of Native Scientist inspired by Letters to a Pre-Scientist. To know more, please visit the website 

More to come on the 1st of June, celebrating Portuguese Children’s day.

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