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Project proposals


Take into consideration that we are a very small association of colleagues and that we have a very small budget, entirely coming from our work colleagues. While the number of requests that we receive is very high. So, the probability of being rejected is very high.

Please check our criteria on our web site before sending us your proposal and send us only true proposals and true neutral and reliable references that we can contact to ask information about your association and activity. We start from the principle that, if we do not know you or had good feedback in the past from you, you are not reliable (as we had some bad experiences in the past). You have to convince us on the contrary. I.e. that you are reliable and the project you propose is concrete and sustainable, as every single euro we donate is gathered from the donation of our colleagues, the projects are checked many times and from many expert colleagues, and you are competing with other hundreds of requests we receive every year. If we will have even the minimal doubt you are not reliable, then we will not consider your project. If this is not the case, please do not send us any proposal, we will both save our valuable time.

Also, consider that we will evaluate the projects very carefully. We will search for your organisation on the web and ask other associations and references if they know you. If you do not provide us enough arguments to recognise you as a reliable association (e.g. updated web sites,  references, etc.) we will not take into consideration your proposal (and not answer to it).

Clearly writing only to us with focused information (we have very little time to evaluate the hundreds of projects that arrive to us and will not take into consideration proposals with very generic and long description of the area and the association, other issues, etc.). Again, please be focused. After writing us, do not write us asking for solicitation (we will not answer). Thus, please fill the form with a concrete project (we do not consider and evaluate ‘copy and paste’ or broadcasted projects),  add reliable and independent (i.e. not working in your association or ‘sister’ associations) references and any website that will convince you are a reliable association (avoid fake/general certificates or general pictures we also can find on internet).

We will tell you (with our time) our decision (positive or negative) when we will evaluate the project. The evaluation process can take many months: we normally evaluate the requests once, maximum twice every year, so take into consideration that your request must come lots of time in advance with respect to your project.

To propose a project please read our guidelines, fill our form and send them to our email address below.

We will not take into consideration (and not answer) to applications that do not use our form and are not sent to our email address.

How to contact us

Europa Terzo Mondo – Ispra
Address: Via E. Fermi, 2749 – 21027 – Ispra (VA), Italy
Email address: etm.italy(at)