News from project 147 (2018): WOMEN IN NEED to win in life (Income Generation Skills Training Project) in India

News from project 147 (2018): WOMEN IN NEED to win in life (Income Generation Skills Training Project) in India

Picture and an extensive report (names substituted with “xx” by the editor for privacy reasons) from the WDSW association. thanks a lot for giving us the possibility to help you!


Name of the activity: WOMEN IN NEED to win in life (Income Generation Skills Training Project)

Name of implementing Organization: Women Development Welfare Organization (WDWS) – India

Supported by (Donor): The ETM Committee – ETM – Europe Third World – Ispra.

Grant amount: Rs. 116487.00

Beneficiaries’ contribution: Rs.20800.00

Local contribution: Rs.1199.00

Total project amount: Rs.138486.00

Project duration: 6 months. (15.03.2019 to 14.09.2019)

Project location (Venue): Karimnagar head quarters

No. of direct beneficiaries: 20 girls & women.

No. of Indirect beneficiaries: 80-120 (family members)

people participated:

20 girls & women (beneficiaries), Secretary, President, training

instructors – 1 and WDWS volunteers

Project evaluation

Meetings held on: Last day of every month.

Participants: Beneficiary women, Instructors,


Respected Sir / Madam,

Once again, many thanks for considering our project application and grant for implementation. The

project activity greatly started in the month of March’2019 for the benefit of 20 women. With your best wishes project done very well and all women and their families are very happy with your kind support.

As soon as we received the grant, we have conducted a short survey once again in the target area and registered 20 girls & women, women for this project, who are very poor, widowed and daliths.

The activities begin in a rented training center and appointed one training instructors for this project. We formed 20 women in to a batch and will be trained for 6 months. For the first month conducted classes on basics. Practical training classes started from 2nd month on sewing machines.

The training classes were conducted with very prepared schedule, syllabus in tailoring, leadership

qualities classes. For syllabus preparation we have taken suggestions from experts in dress making, cloth boutiques. We train the women as per market requirements.

All trainees were attended the classes regularly without any absents. Instructor also shown personal care on every trainee and clarify their doubts, practicing, sincerely making them perfect.

Once in two months seminars been given in the center on marketing skills, financial management, family cooperation, government schemes, and micro loan facilities etc… we called the resource persons from government departments, management education departments to educate the women in right way.

The last day of every month we are conducting an evaluation meeting to check out the stage of course, trainees’ learning, progress, what changes to made for progress etc… In this meeting all trainees,

instructors, project director, board members are participating and everybody feels to do best to achieve project aim.


The awarded “WOMEN IN NEED to win in life” project has started on 15st day of March’ 2019 with a group of 20 women. At the first we received the grant, we have re conducted a survey to select the women & girls (trainees) as project beneficiaries and appointed instructor, purchased the training material. And we purchased 16 sewing machines, Stools and started training with handwork and practice on newspapers. The total training & production material like needles, threads, scissors, scale, tape and tools with cloth material provided to the beneficiary women. They made practice them on papers after that on cloth. The instructors thought them from the basics i.e. baby napkins to elder’s jackets in all varieties. In 5th month they started revision & stiched dresses to big sizes. After completion of 6 months we have distributed the 16 sewing machines to the beneficiaries and handover the machines. At the end of the course (in the last month), each beneficiary has prepared a record of each item they have learned, in a sample size for their future use. Our instructors and volunteers co-operated us in the success of this project.

Per every two months, we have conducted Marketing & Management skills training with two resource persons who are efficient in financial & family management. They have introduced them about family account maintenance, savings, and micro credit loans. Given a perfect training on market standards, government schemes like MEPMA, Indira Kranthi Patham, Dwcra and how to utilize the facilities provided by the government. After the training beneficiaries said, “We have wasted so much of time without knowing that the government supporting the poor in many ways but those were not reaching them. With the support of WDWS staff we will consult the Govt. Project directors and mould our life to wards development”.

In the month of May (11th May’2019) we have conducted a seminar on leadership Qualities and adult education. In this the resource persons educated the participants to how to improve their skills and knowledge; prove their talent. They told that the government program “State Technical Education Program – STEP” will help the poor (limited persons per year) to learn various technical skills for youth (both men and women). Like this many programs are implementing by both Government and NGOs; utilise them and develop the life standards. Resource persons suggested the beneficiaries to improve the educational qualification as well as socio economic standards. As a part of adult education the participants trained in basic hygiene, healthy sanitation, usage of sanitary napkins, balanced diet, mal nutrition, child care etc…

Before 2 months to the project ending we have met with ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services – Women’s Wing) department project directors Mrs. Radhamma and Mrs. Arunakumari regarding the project success. They have suggested us to continue this project with rural poor women for their economic development. For that they have introduced us to village level supervisors to find out the poor and disadvantaged women for further batches.

As a part of training we have conducted a small competition between the trainees on fallowing 3


Does the woman need economic independence?

Roll of women in family development.

Importance of women education | Literacy.

The beneficiaries participated in this competition very enthusiously and expressed their opinions openly and finalized that “she is the pillar of the family”.

On September 12th we have conducted final meeting and invited the President of Women Development Welfare Society, WDWS Program advisor, Rural educational officer and chief guests to distribute the Sewing machines to start self employment from home and course completion certificates to enrol their names in employment exchange as some govt.

Private sectors will give opportunity as vocational trainer.

WDWS Program advisor and Rural Educational officer said “thanks to ETM for this aid and said this is a great thing for giving training and machine providing. Like this all NGOs should try for women development and welfare. If one woman is skilled in the family, the whole family will be developed; ETM done a great job and best wishes to WDWS”.

The President said that Donor ETM – ITALY given a great opportunity to develop the women. Before starting the project we have seen hopeless in the target women lives but now I am seeing bright sparkles in their eyes, they will definitely get bright future. Its because of only ETM’ aid. Thanks to the donor and thanks to WDWS project staff, volunteers and project director.

Problems founded:

With our good relationship with the target area, women; we have not faced any difficulties in

implementing the project. But we have seen a problem while project implementation, that when the

women (some) are coming to training classes, their children are at home alone with no care, old in laws with no support. It somewhat diverts their concentration from learning. In the area if there is crèche or care centre for kids will be better for working women, daily labour parents, old in laws. It will give good care, good habitats, and healthy environment to the children.


– Skills training centre

– Self help groups

– Trained beneficiary women

– Machine distribution to 16 women

– Savings and development schemes implementation

– Regular monthly income to the women

– Women participation in family & financial needs

– Improved socio – economical – cultural standards.

In this way we have reached the project goal and objectives. Now the women are in a position to fulfil their economic needs and realise their dreams.


One of beneficiary said “I will take contract of school uniforms with the support of

our instructor and other 4 co-trainees will join with me. At present 2 schools are willing to give contract to us. It is a good hope about my future; all of us will overcome our financial problems. There is no bother about money. Thanks to Donor and thanks to WDWS”

Instructor spoken in her words that “we all should be thankful to Donor as it has

given an opportunity to train 20 needy women for their future benefit. I am very much satisfied

with these trainings. Earlier I am a tailor at home but now I knew that there is need to be helping

other disadvantaged women who are helpless. Every men and women should help others in their

surroundings. Donor done a great help, beneficiaries never forget this help in their life. Thanks to


WDWS Program advisor said, “These trainings will be continued for longer time and helps number of women in future also. If Donor ETM supports us in future also it’s a memorable thing in WDWS Projects’ history.

Case studies:

Mrs. xx: She is just 21 years old a house wife and has 1 bay girl. Her husband working in

garage as car mechanic. With his salary it was hard to maintain house. She tried for job but she just

10th class passed out. With that study, she not got any job. Now she trained in our centre and

started stiching from home and earning some to add her husband salary. She is very happy now.

Mrs. xx & xx: She is contract labour in building construction. Her husband also working

as same. This family migrated from other state. She has two kids who were school dropouts, going

to construction work along with her. She trained in our centre. With support of resource persons

she joined her kids in nearby govt. school and attended training regularly. Now she left the labour

work and stiching from home.

Baby xx: She spent her summer with our trainings to support her parents at home. She is not

good at studies. Her parents (agriculture labours) came to us and said she is not interested in

studies and willing to learn some vocational. We are very poor to train her in private institutions,

so please. With counselling of our resource persons, she kept interest on education also and

attended 10th class exams and qualified. And also trained well, doing part time in tailor shop,

appearing intermediate in distance education.

In this way all of our beneficiaries women are have their own sad stories. This training program has given hopes to their bright future. They will definitely reach the peak of happiness. This is only because of xx


Thank you,

Mrs. xx

Secretary for WDWS


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