The Committee is elected and appointed every three years and manages the organisation according to the statute. The elected Committee meets regularly to review the strategic planning in the activities and the work ahead. All members of the Committee & friends are volunteers and work for free.

ETM Committee 2021-2022:

Gianfranco S. (president)
Antonio M. (vice-president)
Andreas A. (treasurer)
Claudia C. (coordinator of microprojects)
Karin A. (events, microprojects)
Giovanni B. (events, microprojects)
Adriana Bolzan (events, microprojects)
Ivan F. (events, microprojects)
Alberto P. (events)
Anna P. (events, microprojects)
Mauro R. (events, microprojects)
Renzo V. (events)
Lorenzino V. (events)

Volunteers & Friends

Ezio B. (events)
Sandra C. (events, Il Pezzettino)
MariaGrazia D. (events, Dragonboat, Alpini)
Agata H. (events)
Lorena H. Q. (events)
Luca M. (website)
Tina P. (events, Mbeya children)
Giovanna P. (events, Bazar insieme)
Steven P. (events)
Clara S. (events, Il Lago Cromatico)
Ralf S. (events)